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The Art of Selling
Better Teams


Is a “Gung-Ho!” inspired workshop that aims to develop team collaboration, critical thinking and goal-orientation.

Based on the concept of Ken Blanchard’s Gung-Ho!, this program is designed with several Structured Learning experiences with varying difficulties that will bring the best out of our participants.

Better Teams maybe done in both outdoor and indoor venues.

BETTER TEAMS is a framework and not a canned program and is designed to address needs and gaps in each team.

Trainingph believes that each team has different challenges and as such would need different interventions and Structured Learning Activities.  We also consider learning styles and personalities in designing the each challenge for BETTER TEAMS.

Do you want to build a Better Team?  Set a meeting with us, so we can design a Better Team program for your organization.


The Art of Selling is a workshop that provides a venue for its participants to practice their communication skills and learn how to be persistent without being annoying.  The Art of Selling promotes customer relationship and works on the belief that everybody wants to buy but no one wants to be sold to.

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