Book Launch: Building #BetterTeams

Last October 15, 2020, the exclusive launching of the book Building #BetterTeams: How to Align Your Organizations Vision, Mission, Values, and Improve Productivity was held.

Initially, the exclusive launch was intended for those who purchased the book. However, due to conflict in schedule of the buyers, since the launch was done on a weekday, only a few was able to confirm their attendance. This opened the opportunity for TrainingPH to invite existing clients to the exclusive Book Launch.

During the launch, Eco Castro, the author of the book, shared how he turned the pandemic into an opportunity by finishing his book. He also shared that in the book, he wrote stories of success and improvement of real organizations.

In the book, there are also some activities that the reader may apply to his/her team in order to promote better working relationships among team members.

Here is what business owners say about the book.

“If you are a leader, this short, simple, and superb book is for you. In a few pages, it distills the most important steps you need to do to shape your group into a strong, empowered, and goal-achieving team.”

– Bo Sanchez – Best Selling Author, Preacher, Entrepreneur

If you want to build BETTER TEAMS, look no further and let this book be your guide! Packed with insights, tools, and activities, Building #BetterTeams will help every leader steer their team to greatness and high productivity. By learning and applying the lessons you’ll receive from this book, you and your team will not just survive in the new economy but thrive!

Marjorie Duterte – Editor and Founder, MRD Publishing Services

No one is truly self-sufficient, especially in this new economy, everyone must rely on the company and comfort of others in order to survive. This book is a self-help and a good companion to be with in building better teams. By applying the concepts Eco had shared in this e-book, you and your team will not only survive but also thrive better.

            As a team leader in my company myself, this book helps and gives me new knowledge and varied ideas on how to empower and grow my team, both horizontally and vertically. 

            I highly recommend this e-book to all aspiring team leaders and to those already leading their team. It is a great book to have when in pursuit of success.

-Vernie Velasquez, PhD. – Educator, President of Ver1Rev Enterprises

If you want to know more about the book, go to this link:

The Public Launch of the book will be done on October 31, 2020 at 3PM. Join us, as we go live on our FB Page and Youtube Channel.