TrainingPH & PLDT helping Residents of Caloocan Become Successful Micro Entrepreneurs

An Online Business Starters Workshop was started last October 18, 2020, for selected residents of Caloocan City. This project was led by TrainingPH through the support PLDT. The participants were invited and screened by the team of Kagawad Kaye Barredo of Brgy. 179 Caloocan, Councilor PJ Malonzo of the 1st district of Caloocan and Congressman Egay Erice of the 2nd District of Caloocan.

There were initially 26 residents who were invited and screened for the first batch of online workshop. 20 were able to attend and underwent the one-on-one business mentoring and coaching sessions. Twenty percent of the attendees came from the 2nd District of Caloocan, while eighty percent came from the First District of Caloocan.

The first workshop focused on determining the value proposition of the businesses that the participants have and how they will grow their customer segment.

The one-on-one mentoring focused on clear the road blocks to achieve business growth. During the mentoring sessions, most participants were thankful that they get new perspectives in growing their businesses. Participants received motivation and assignments that they have to accomplish before the second workshop for them to start their journey towards business growth.

This Sunday, October 25, 2020. The participants will be undergoing the second workshop that will help them grow their business online through Social Media .

TrainingPH, PLDT, and the offices of PJ Malonzo and Egay Erice are partners in supporting and creating Micro Entrepreneurs, who are the fuel of the country’s economy.