Finding and Getting the Right Mentor

Most successful people have mentors who were able to help them achieve their goals. You to can have your own mentor or set of mentors. Mentoring is for everyone. The question is, "How will you find the right mentor for you?"

From working with business owners and employers, we were able to come up with a list of tips that will help you find and get the right mentor for you.  These are the  5 steps you may do to start with your journey as a mentee.

1. Be someone a Mentor wants to Mentor

If you look at it, asking to be mentored means having someone who is successful and busy set aside sometime to mentor you.  With this thought in mind, some people will feel inferior or powerless.  This kind of negative feeling radiates and signified through ones actions.

Given the same thought in mind, you must make sure the time set for you is worthwhile for both you and your mentor.

So how will you be the ideal mentee?

  • Have a bias-for-action
  • Be thirsty for knowledge 
  • Always seek to execute
  • Respect time & agreements

2. Be certain with what you want to achieve

Write down what do you want to improve or to achieve.  May it be personal or professional, you have to be certain with your goals. 

Entering a mentoring program without clear goals, is like driving without knowing where to go.  This will waste your time and the time of your mentor.  So be clear with what you want to achieve and be the mentee that will attract success through the mentoring program.

3. Assess your Network

The first place you need to look at is your own network.  A mentor is someone who has experienced and is knowledgeable on how to achieve your goals.  They may be members of your family, class, office, or social network.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before listing down the names of your potential mentors:

  1. Have they been to where you want to go? 
  2. Do they know how to get to where you want to go?
  3. Are you comfortable working with them?

4. Ask your HR or a Professional Organization

Before finalizing your list, ask your HR or inquire to a professional organization so they may also give you tips before entering a mentoring program.  Also ask for recommendations on possible mentors.

5. Choose a Mentor and Start your Program

In choosing a mentor, affordability is one factor you want to consider.  If you cannot afford the program, you might not be able to complete it.  Get a program you can complete.  Setting aside affordability, the best mentor is someone who can give you honest feedback and someone who is as excited as you are in achieving your goals. 

BONUS: You can also be a Mentor to Someone

While undergoing a mentoring program, you can also become a mentor to someone whom you can guide and whom you can journey with.  To know more about being a mentor, feel free to message us, so we may help you.