The Legend of The Lemon Tree (A Story of Growth and Harvest)

Last 2015, I bought a lemon planted on a pot and transferred it on the soil on our backyard. A few months after, I noticed that the plant has a bud that eventually develop into a fruit. Then I notice a second bud. I look forward for the fruit the ripen and harvest it. After the 2 months, I noticed that the fruit is drying up, and even if I water the plat regularly the fruit fell of and the plant died.

Last 2019, I met a Navy Colonel, who has a lemon farm in Mindoro. I told him about the lemon plant I have. He then told me that I should have trimmed off the first fruits. So the plant will continue to grow. Once the plant achieve its ideal height, that’s the time we look forward to the harvest. He told me that I should not rush the harvest while the plant is at its season of growth.

As I go on with Business Consulting, I have observed that there are business owners who always keeps their eye on harvest. What I learned from their experience is that, it is more important to focus on what season are you in than to simply focus on the harvest.

If you are in your season of growth, you may need to give up some harvest. In business, during this season, instead of us enjoying our revenues we give it up as part of our promotion and growth initiatives. We also reinvest our profit. Some start-ups also do pro-bono projects in exchange for promotions.

What you do while you are in your season of growth will determine how bountiful your harvest will be.

Friends if your business is on its season of growth, do not rush your harvest. During this time, enjoy each moment, and learn from each situation. During this season, it is important that you also grow with your business.

But do you know that there are ways to speed up your season of growth without rushing your harvest.


By planting on fertile soil and by cultivating the soil using the right fertilizers.

In Business, this is similar to having the right partners and the culture and competency fit employees. This also means that as a business owner, you have to surround yourself with successful business owners who will help you grow your business.

At the last quarter of 2020, I made a decision to join a group of business owners who aims to grow their businesses despite the recession. Before 2021 ends, our revenues surpassed our conservative growth projection for the year. This is through the help of fellow business owners and through the continuous learning environment that the group provides to its members.

Friends, you too can be on fertile soil. You too can be with other successful business owners. Join our mentoring sessions to know more.