Do you lead a team, an organization, a department, or a business? Do you face challenges in execution?


Are you aiming to be a team leader, supervisor, manager or business owner, and want to make sure you will succeed once you get there?

Jonathan Swift, the author who was know for his Gulliver’s Travel, said that “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”

Vision separates leaders from followers.

Successfully executing the Vision defines great leaders.

In this book, you will learn the art of execution, through alignment of of plans and actions.

In this book, I shared how organizations was able to succeed and why organization failed.

In this book, you will also get sample interventions that will help you execute better, as well as sample group dynamics that you can implement in your teams, in order to promote a happy and productive organization.

This pandemic brought a lot of change in our society. From the way we work and the way we live. Office workers are now working from home or by shifting. With this change, a lot of workers are complaining about the lost of work-life-balance, while employers often mention about the reduced productivity brought by the flexible work arrangements.

This book addresses that by leading you to redefine your VISION and have your actions aligned to achieve high-level of productivity.

This pandemic also led to the lost of jobs. With the increase in unemployment, people started to shift from employment to business.

This book is for new and existing business owners.

As you start your business, you need a good plan and execution. In the same way, you also need a better plan and better execution as you calibrate your business to respond to the market changes.

You can finish reading this book in a day, but you’ll get to use this everyday, as you apply the principles and practices. This book has stories and worksheets you may use to form a #BetterTeams.