EC Organizational Efficiency Model - People

EC Organizational Efficiency Model – People

The MOST Important aspect of your business is your PEOPLE.  Your PEOPLE can make or break your business.  PEOPLE is the 3rd P in the 3Ps of EC Organizational Efficiency Model.

In considering people for your business, you must first have a good PLAN.  Make sure the people your are getting can contribute to that plan.

Some questions you need to answer are the following:

  1. Plantilla (How many people do I need?)
  2. Competency (What are the skills do I need?)
  3. Culture (What attitude will drive my organization to achieve its desired results?)
  4. Leadership (What kind of leadership should you practice?  What leadership traits should I look for?)
  5. Teamwork (How can different individual work as one well-oiled machine?)


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