A Customer and A Cup of Coffee

A Customer and A Cup of Coffee

Last week, I went to a Chicken Restaurant that offers pastries in Araneta Center Cubao.  I ordered a cup of coffee and two banana bread slices.  I also asked for a glass of warm water.

After three minutes the coffee was served with a sachet of creamer and a sachet of sugar.  After eight minutes and two follow-ups the banana bread was served but no warm water.  It took me two more follow ups before the warm water was served.

I was thinking, how long will it take them to prepare a glass of warm water.  And how long will it take them to heat up 2 slices of banana bread.  There were no new customers at that time, and existing customers have finished dining and waiters are just cleaning up the tables.

This led me to think?  Is it because I only ordered a hundred bucks worth of food, while others ordered a thousand?

A customer is defined not by the amount of purchases but by the fact that he walked in your store.  This incident can be easily corrected if serving time is monitored and if waiters are assigned per area of the dining floor.  Assigning of areas can easily be done especially if you have a full manpower.

There are other approaches in managing customer experience for dining customers.

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