One Company, Four Generations

One Company, Four Generations



Many companies struggles in managing their workforce.  That is why there are several sayings about millennials in the workplace.  We also hear millennials complaining about their old-school bosses.

You cannot put new wine to old wineskin

You cannot teach old dogs new tricks


These are just some saying that workers nowadays use to describe their workmates – peers, subordinates, superiors.  But in reality how can an organization function smoothly considering that there are four generations working together to deliver a goal.

Here are some tips:

  1. Acknowledge that each generation has different values, working styles, work objectives and perspectives
  2. Understand that each generation has their own strengths and limitations
  3. Establish respect on each generations differences
  4. Build the team through the right program and have a good follow through by:
    1. Communicating
    2. Communicating
    3. Communicating


The only way you can establish respect is to understand each generation.  For you to understand, you have to acknowledge that there are great differences among each generation.  To know the differences, each generation must communicate with the rest of the organization.  And in order to do this effectively, leadership plays an important role.

For the right program that will initiate respect and will help an organization to move towards it goals, you will need the right team of facilitators.

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