Last June and July 2019, the leaders of the Credit Processing Team Sumisho Motor Finance Corporation had experience the LEAD program.

The LEAD Program is a customized leadership workshop that addresses identified needs of the group.

One of the highlights of the program is the exercises on Learning Agility. Participants get to identify their key activities and assess what works and what does not. They also get to strategize what to do next.

The workshop also serve as their venue to share best practices, since the participants came from different regions in the country.

The participants also experienced that

individuals and interactions is more important than processes and tools

Process and Tools are there to guide us and help us in our work but it should not limit our individual interactions.

SUMISHO team w/ Pau (Agile Expert) and Cha (co-founder) of TrainingPH

During the workshop, the participants get to exercise effective communication.

The participants also experienced that

responding to change is more important that following a plan

During the workshop, participants get to set goals and respond to changing challenges.

After the program, a Post Training Report was submitted to the heads of the team, to guide them on the follow through activities that will sustain the learning.

Is your organization ready to respond to change? Take the LEAD and contact us, NOW!

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