Crises happen at the most unexpected time.

As an organization, in order to survive and thrive during these crises, you have to cope proactively. Here are some tips that may guide you.

  1. PLAN
    • You have to identify what are the possible events and incidents that will affect your organization.
    • Plan how to prevent these incidents or events.
    • Understand how the events, incidents and the crises as a whole will affect the people in your organization.
    • Identify key people during the crises. These are the people who has the ability to see opportunity. These are also the people who can turn things around when everything goes south.
    • Plan your communication. What you say and when you say it matters. When people do not know what’s happening they simulate hundreds of exaggerated scenarios.
    • Monitor the situation and revisit the plan and revise as needed.
  2. PEACE
    • During crises, there will be a lot of noise around you. Some are real noise, while others are valuable noise. You have to be at peace to filter valuable noise.
    • After you’ve done your plan and communicate to your team, relax and rest. If things goes unexpectedly, your team needs your 100%, so do not waste your energy worrying and micro managing.
    • Feed your thoughts with positivity by looking for inspiration and best practices around you.
    • Do not forget to pray. During crises most are beyond your control, surrender to the Greatest power.
  3. PACE
    • During crises, a lot of opportunities arise. So you have to move with caution in order to grab to opportunity that is right for you and your organization.
    • Monitor the situation and your organization to ensure that you and your organization is progressing daily.
    • Do not rush things but be timely.
    • Relax but take action. You cannot be stagnant, otherwise you will miss the opportunity during this situation.

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