TRAININGPH is the carrier brand of EC Interventions and Management Solutions Inc.

EC Interventions and Management Solutions Inc. (ECIMS) was founded by experts from different field who has the objective to promote learning.

VISION: All companies and organizations in the Philippines shall have access to quality training programs and workshops

MISSION: To provide well fit interventions

ADVOCACY: Help develop Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises by providing affordable interventions that will make their people and organization grow

Each organization is built on teams and each team is built by people of different competencies, experiences and personalities.  Allow TrainingPH to help you build better teams that align with your organizational goals and adapt to external and internal factors smoothly.


#BetterTeams are formed by the acceptance of the fact that each team is different and each person in the team is different from the others.  #BetterTeams understand that being different is good.  #BetterTeams respect diversity and recognize the strengths of each other in terms of competencies and personalities.  #BetterTeams take responsibility and accountability of their output and their teammates.

You can have #BetterTeams in your organization.  Talk to us, so we can design a program for you.