OD & HR Consulting

Most companies send employees to various training program with a hope that when these people come back to the workplace, productivity will increase. However, that is not always the case.

Organizational Development


  1. Organizational Diagnosis – the basis of our diagnosis is the EC Organizational Efficiency Model, you may know more about this be by visiting our Learn Free page.
  2. Policy Reviews
  3. Business Process optimization
  4. Job Analysis
  5. Job Evaluation
  6. Organizational Restructuring
  7. Strategic Planning

Human Resource Management

It is a fact that getting the right people is a challenge for most companies, but do you know that keeping these great talents is more challenging?

The high performer – the one who always accomplish their tasks ahead of the deadline and produce more than their targets – is always noticed not just by the management but also by the competitors. There will always be a better opportunity for them, but despite that they may choose to stay.

HR plays a vital role in keeping a healthy attrition.

It is not just about recruiting the right people but defining the right job for each position and matching them with the key candidates. It is also setting the right environment for these talents to prosper in their career. TrainingPH has holistic solutions for your HR Needs.

  1. Recruitment Consultancy
  2. Personality and Leadership Assessment (WIYAE)
  3. Payroll Management and Outsourcing
  4. Compensation and Benefit Outsourcing
  5. Talent Development Management
  6. Safety Programming
  7. Awareness Programs
  8. Compliance to RA11058 and RA11036
THE WIYAE Personality Radar