TRAININGPH is NOT for you!

There are organizations that prefer traditional interventions, canned programs and one-size-fits-all-solutions.  Maybe, these work for them, and that is good.

On the other hand, there are dynamic organizations.  These organizations are constantly adapting to their ever-changing market.  These organizations also have a growing number of customers and employees.  These organizations need a dynamic solution.  A solution that is as unique as their organization.

However,   there are dynamic organizations who are looking for traditional and one-size-fits-all solution.  If you are that organization, TrainingPH is not for you.

TrainingPH provides unique interventions and solutions.  Engaging TrainingPH to provide solutions for your organization would mean:

  1. TrainingPH will diagnose by checking alignment of plan, process and people.
  2. TrainingPH will not conduct canned program but will design programs with the leaders of the organization.
  3. You will work and implement pre-program and post-program activities.
  4. You will commit to participate in program design.
  5. You will open your organization, so TrainingPH may question the rationale behind your processes and policies.
  6. You will unlearn existing practices and beliefs and learn new ones.
  7. You will do follow through activities, to sustain the motivation and learning gained from workshops.
  8. TrainingPH will only provide course outline after organizational diagnosis, since they customize the program based on their attendees and on organizational goals.


TrainingPH aims for the ROI of the interventions and solutions implemented.

Doing a training or an organizational diagnosis is not an end in itself, rather it is just the beginning of a lot of work that has to be done for an organization to be aligned to its Vision, Mission and Values.  The interventions will be implemented by both TrainingPH and your organization.  These are not “the solution” but the first steps towards organizational efficiency.

TrainingPH believes in SUSTAINABILITY and doesn’t want your organization to be dependent on consultants, but eventually engage consultants whenever needed.  TrainingPH will train your leaders to do what it is doing in order for your organization to continue its path to improvement.

If you can’t live with those, TRAININGPH isn’t for you!

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