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Our classes is open for everyone.  Each class accepts a maximum of 15 participants.  Be prepared to participate in these hands-on workshops and learn from actual experience and the experience of our learning facilitators.

The Art of Selling

Sales is part of our daily lives.  We sell everyday, even if we do not notice it.  We might be selling products, services or ideas.  We also sell ourselves, for us to be acceptable to the people we meet.

Here is one secret in the Art of Selling.  Sales is about relationships.

Learn more with our different classes under the Art of Selling Workshop.  There is no prerequisite in each class.  This means you can enroll at any class any time.  All you need is to be ready to practice, to participate and to learn.

Class1: SELLING WITH AN IMPACT (January 12, 2019   |  May 4, 2019 | August 3, 2019)

Selling with an Impact checks on your knowledge about yourself, your product, your service and your ideas.  In this workshop, be prepared to answer a lot of questions and ask more questions.  This class will help you master what you sell as you are being walk through the selling process.


Class 2: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) For Sales  (February 9, 2019 | June 1, 2019 | September 7, 2019)

NLP for Sales focus on building rapport and making an unforgettable connection on first and succeeding encounters with people.  In this workshop, we will talk about the mindset and practices of the salesperson.


Class 3: ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT (March 9, 2019 | July 6, 2019 | October 5, 2019)

In Account Management, we talk about lasting relationships and long-term sales partnership.  In this workshop, be prepared to share and learn from the sharing of other sales practitioner.  In this workshop, we will also build our network.


Business Starters Workshop

Class1: Starting a Laundry Business  (January 19, 2019 | May 11, 2019 | August 17, 2019)

Class2: Starting an Online Business (February 16, 2019 | June 8, 2019 | September 14, 2019)

Class3: Starting a Food Cart Business (March 16, 2019 | July 13, 2019 | October 12, 2019)



Class1: Step-Up for ASSOCIATES (January 26, 2019 | May 18, 2019 | August 17, 2019)

This class is designed specifically for Rank-and-File employees who want to go up their career ladder.  Whether you want to be promoted or to be laterally transferred to a department or a project that you want, this class is for you.  Know what you should do to achieve your goal.  And once you got the promotion or transfer you are aiming for, know how you will succeed in the new role.


Class2: Step-Up for SUPERVISORS (February 23, 2019 | June 15, 2019 | September 21, 2019)

This class is designed for Supervisors who aims to be Managers.  What does it takes to get the promotion?  What will be the difference in roles?  What are the challenges you are going to face. Get it straight from people who hustle hard and got promoted.


Class3: Step-Up for MANAGERS (March 23, 2019 | July 20, 2109 | October 19, 2019)

This class is for Middle Managers.  In this level there are more opportunities.  Where will you go next?  Allow us to help you discern your next career path.



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