1. #BetterTeams – #BetterTeams is our team, culture and organizational development framework, which we apply in the interventions that we implement. Among the interventions under #BetterTeams are the following:
    1. Goal Setting
    2. Recruiting and Re-recruiting
    3. Competency Profiling and Gap Analysis
    4. Process Mapping
    5. Values Alignment and Culture Building
  2. Step-Up – Step-Up leadership development framework uses three methodologies – WORKSHOP, MENTORING, and OPEN-DISCUSSION. The attendees will undergo through an extensive workshop with regular mentoring.
  3. Start Right! Business Starters Workshop – This workshop guides the participants as they develop and identify their business’ unique selling proposition. The workshop prepares the attendees to manage the day-to-day demands of his/her target business and the needed regulatory compliance in order to operate legally.
  4. The Art of Selling Workshop – The Art of Selling Workshop revolves on the fact that true sales people do not sell but build relationships which lead to closed sales. The Art of Selling provides a venue where the participant will be able to practice skills, such as but not limited to communicating, building rapport, asking questions, listening, understanding the market for a certain product or service.
  5. Unleash Your Agility – Led by our Scrum Master and Agile Expert, this workshop helps attendees to adapt to Agile Principles and Values, which they may use in day-to-day work and not just in IT Project Management. Agility is needed as what we need as we face a series of changes in our organization and society.