TrainingPH is the Organizational Development brand EC Interventions and Management Solutions Inc. – a company formed by professionals from different disciplines.

EC Interventions and Management Solutions Inc. (ECIMS) was formed with the advocacy of helping Start-up businesses, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises by providing cost-efficient solutions. ECIMS also caters to large enterprises by helping them achieve their goals through customized, cost-effective business solutions.

TrainingPH provides Organizational Development (OD), Human Capital, and Business solutions with the aim to help organizations become organized so they can provide worthwhile work to their employees and stakeholders.

Training is not the only intervention available for organizations, there is policy development, process improvement, environment improvement, culture building, competency matching and a lot more.

For this reason, we customize programs depending on the need of each of our clients. We boast that there are no two programs that are exactly alike, because we believe each client and each organization is unique, with their own unique strengths and unique challenges.