Leadership and Agility

Last June and July 2019, the leaders of the Credit Processing Team Sumisho Motor Finance Corporation had experience the LEAD program. The LEAD Program is a customized leadership workshop that addresses identified needs of the group. One of the highlights of the program is the exercises on Learning Agility. Participants get to identify their key […]

Communication & Perspective

Last April 6, 2019, the employees and executives of Telepreneur Corporation experienced #BetterTeams. Everyone shared experiences and everyone got their turn to participate in different structure learning activities. Even their executives participated and did what everyone else were doing. It was a very humbling example of leadership from their leaders.

One Company, Four Generations

    Many companies struggles in managing their workforce.  That is why there are several sayings about millennials in the workplace.  We also hear millennials complaining about their old-school bosses. You cannot put new wine to old wineskin You cannot teach old dogs new tricks   These are just some saying that workers nowadays use […]